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dobra jakość System Windows 10 Key Code na sprzedaż
dobra jakość System Windows 10 Key Code na sprzedaż
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Win10 and win8.1 i bought all work perfect, good communication with the seller,and the shipping was fast, thanks Turing International Limited.

—— Alexander (From Russia)

Very professional on software items. Product is exactly as described. wish a long term business with you. hope my message can hope you guys on trust

—— Fancis (From U.S.A)

COA stickers with installation Data Pack via cloud Share are the best choice for me to promote this business easy and cost-saving. thanks YOYO

—— Luis (From France)

I bought this item to upgrade from windows 10 on DELL computer. The product was easy and somewhat fast to install. Thank Turing Staffs patient service

—— Frank(From France)

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Turing Group Limited

Adres : Północny blok, Hube budynek, Fu'tian okręg, Shenzhen, Chiny
Adres fabryczne : Oprogramowanie budowlane, Fu'tian District, Shenzhen, Chiny
Czas pracy : 9:00-22:00(czas Pekinie)
telefon służbowy : 86-133-16941308(Czas pracy)   86-133-16941308(niedziałające czas)
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Osoba kontaktowa : Mr. Frank. Chung
Stanowisko : Sales Director
telefon służbowy : 86-133-16941-308
Viber : 86-133-16941-308
CO SŁYCHAĆ : 86-13316941308
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Turing Technology Limited
Adres : 18C,North Block,Hube Building,Fu‘tian District,Shenzhen,China
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Turing Group Limited

Osoba kontaktowa: Mr. Frank. Chung

Tel: 86-133-16941308

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